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News from the Frontlines #9

Sat, 04/14, around 04.00 pm. I called to Japan from Pondok Indah Mal 2 with Miss D on my side. She told me these things:

  • Pop is okay. All of his IV drips has been removed, including the latest removal of blood plasma IV drip.
  • The MP3 player which I gave her hasn’t been used much. She prefers zikr to listening Ungu‘s singing, apparently. Good for her, though kinda a little bit depressing on me since it was me who gave it to her as a gift. Oh well.
  • There’s no exact schedule about my father’s coming out of hospital yet.
  • She had asked Arifin to upload some pictures they took there for my viewing. You can see all of them here and here. (WARNING: Some images may disturb you. Viewer discretion is advised.)

3 Responses to “News from the Frontlines #9”

  1. syukurlah ga, alhamdulillah :)

  2. @ Dhika:

    Alhamdulillah beneran, Dhik. Sekarang tinggal nunggu observasi + kontrolnya aja. Gw perkirakan mungkin 1 – 1,5 bulan lagi. Doain terus ya.

  3. “Gw perkirakan mungkin 1 – 1,5 bulan lagi”

    8O , tentunya dalam doa akan kita ingat!

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