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Red Tape, Red Tape

Applying for VISA demands a lot of documents. Let’s see if I have readied all of them:

  • Passport. Check. It still has my old address on it, though. I hope this won’t be a problem.
  • Copy of ID card. Check. I still a copy of my old ID card. I hope this supplants the status of passport above.
  • Visa Application form. Ongoing. I have downloaded and printed it, but I haven’t filled it yet. Check. All done.
  • Airline ticket or airline ticket reservation note. Check. I have reserved two tickets for me and my sis.
  • Photograph. Unsure. I think I still has something about this size back home. I’ll have to check. Check. I had my photograph taken last night. Those instant digital photographs are quite expensive.
  • Travel schedule. Check. I have only one destination: my father’s hospital.
  • Financial statements. Check. I have copied two of my accounts’ passbooks. Those should suffice.
  • Statement of employment status. Ongoing. My boss is very busy at the moment. Check. He had given his signature on the letter I made for him. He also had given me the permission for me to go to the Japanese Embassy to apply for my visa.

I’ll be applying for the visa tomorrow at the Japanese Embassy on Jalan Sudirman. I hope the process will be a smooth ride from start to finish. I hate to go back and forth just to satisfy some foreign government’s law.

UPDATE: All is ready. I’ll go to the Embassy this morning (04/25).

UPDATE: Darned. They need a signed visa application form from my sister. So we hit a speedbump, people. I’ve arranged for my sister to have the filled form sent from Surabaya. I hope this won’t take long.

UPDATE: I’ve just arrived from the embassy this morning (04/27). The staff who received my documents said that I must pick my passport on Wednesday (05/02). It is only then when I’ll know if my visa application would be granted or declined.

2 Responses to “Red Tape, Red Tape”

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