Decidedly mundane…

News from the Frontlines #12

Wed, 04/25, 4.42 am. It’s official, my pop will come out of the hospital today. Alhamdulillah! From this afternoon, he’ll join my mom who’s staying at a rented apartment near the hospital. Woohoo!

Mom also said that the medical cost is actually lower than what was expected. This is largely due to my pop’s prime condition, which made the stay at the hospital a lot shorter than predicted. Another alhamdulillah!

2 Responses to “News from the Frontlines #12”

  1. alhamdulillah, kapan bapakmu balik kesini?
    dirimu tetap nyusul kesana?

  2. @ Dhika :

    Ho’oh, Dhik. Bapak tetep pingin aku sama adikku ke sana. Jadinya ya aku nyusul ke sana minggu ke dua Mei ini, InsyaAllah.

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