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IDD Face-off

Since my parents went to Japan, I’ve been looking for the perfect (i.e. cheap) solution for our means of telecommunication. Suddenly, IDD has become a daily staple for me and my sister – who’s currently pursuing her degree in Indonesian law in Surabaya.

I have done a small research to compare the prices of several IDD providers. The research method is shoddy at best as I only used the providers’ websites as my main source of information, but I think it’s solid enough to be used as a base for your next IDD call. Below is the table, ordered from the cheapest first.

Provider Call Number Tariff Per Call Unit Call Unit Duration (Seconds) Net Rate Per Minute
Telkom 01017 (via PSTN/Flexi Post-paid) 01017+Destination 99 6 1,089
Telkom 01017 (via Flexi Prepaid) 01017+Destination 544 30 1,196.8
Fren SLI 01068+Destination 1,000 30 2,200
Esia SLI 01010+Destination 2,500 60 2,750
Indosat 016 016+Destination 290 6 3,190
Telkom 017 017+Destination 5,640 60 6,204
Telkom 007 007+Destination 7,520 60 8,272
Indosat Globalsave (Prepaid Card) 17001 4,400 30 9,680

Disclaimer: The table above was summarized with several assumptions:

  • The tariffs are based for calls made to Japan.
  • Net rates per minute are inclusive of 10% VAT.
  • Several providers are currently offering discount programs, so the actual price may vary from time to time.

As you can see, Telkom 01017 is the cheapest of them all, but in reality I used Fren SLI more. It is more reliable with no delays and interference. That’s what I’m recommending – if you have a Fren CDMA, of course.

5 Responses to “IDD Face-off”

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  2. Why Indonesians always pay more expensive…..????
    That’s ridiculous……

  3. @ loveprince:
    Absolutely. Telecommunication prices in Indonesia are insane! This is not to mention the cost of access to the Internet, which I think is one of the costliest in Asia.

  4. Rite..
    why? why?? it become the costliest in asia?? damn indo gov.

  5. @ jagoan:
    I don’t think that attitude will help much, jagoan…

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