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Blitz Megaplex

With so big a buzz generated by the new movieplex, Miss D and I decided to give it a try last Saturday (04/28). We went there to see The Reaping, a flick which she had been wanting to see for quite some time.

Blitz is situated on the 8th floor of Grand Indonesia – previously Hotel Indonesia. The mall is not yet fully operational, so Blitz is kind of a lonely tenant there along with Starbucks and SEIBU Department Store. You can access Blitz directly from the 8th parking floor or by elevators from ground level. I suggest the first method, though. It’s much easier.

The interior design of Blitz is very modern and posh. The atmosphere is cosy, though with so many moviegoers, it tends to crowd up a bit during the evenings. It has several lounges complete with stylish couches and coffee tables where you can wait until your flick is showing. All under the watchful eyes of the attendants and ushers: twenty-somethings which piercings and mohawk-style coiffures to match.

Boasting ten silverscreens under a single roof, the movie selection is definitely something to be reckoned with. It has several screens dedicated for asian movies (i.e. Korean, Mandarin, Indian, and Indonesian).

The facilities are also quite formidable. The ticket stands are aplenty, unlike the usual three or four stands on your regular cineplex. The concession stands are also good. Wide selection of concessions, with prices that you can expect from this kind of establishment. There is also Digital Beat Store, offering digital downloads of music (though I’m not sure what format it offers, I’m guessing MP3s).

Going into the auditorium, you should notice a difference: the seats are inclined at higher angle than the usual one. I can’t help the impression that the screen is more closer to me. I also duly noticed that the seats themselves are not exactly comfortable, a fact that is widely disputed on Blitz’ own site. The cushioning is rather hard and the back is angled too straight. In my opinion, it’s rather hard to comfortably lay back to see the movie. The distance between the rows are sufficient to allow people passing by without their legs brushing against our knees.

I give Blitz a 2 out of 5. The atmosphere is great, but the auditoriums themselves aren’t really much to differentiate Blitz from the rest of the cineplexes.

3 Responses to “Blitz Megaplex”

  1. So it’s confirmed, just like one of my friend said, the seat was too narrow and hard, eX is much better

  2. @ Rusdy :

    Yup, a bit uncomfortable. A bit of letdown after the exquisite interior design of the lobby.

    But make no mistake, though. 21 Studios and XXI Studios (not eX, a bit of a correction) – 21’s more expensive sibling – have a variety of seats across the board. For example, Studio XXI (located on Plaza Indonesia EX, just across the Grand Indonesia), has a kind of big couch for the seat. It’s plush allright, but it has a gigantic brick block-like armrest that separates one seat from the other. Not something I’d call comfortable, especially when you have your significant other sitting beside you. *wink-wink nudge-nudge* On the other hand, Pondok Indah XXI has two different kinds of seats. On its auditorium 1 and 2, you have the standard seats, rather similar to the ones in 21 Studios; but on its auditorium 3, you will see very comfortable seats. The couch-like seats are set in pairs, the backs are comfortably angled, and, more importantly, the armrests dividing the pairs can be lifted upward. This enables a more “liberal” movie experience, if you catch my drift. ;)

  3. blitz megaplex

    setelah kemunculan pertama kali di paris van java, bandung. pada bulan april 2007, blitz megaplex hadir di jakarta, di grand indonesia lantai 8.
    untuk pasaran jakarta, tampaknya harga tiket nya memang bersaing. tapi untuk bandung, harga tiket nya untuk…

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