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Pancious Pancake House

“It’s definitely on the Artery Road, Dear,” Miss D said to me in an argument about the location of one of the newest eateries in Jakarta. Earlier, I asserted that I have seen no pancake houses on the Artery Road. Well, it turns out that I was right all along. Sorry, Hun! :P As a matter of fact, Pancious Pancake House is located at Permata Hijau, directly in front of the Hero Supermarket (at the location of what was once TOPS Supermarket).

We tried the cozy eatery on Sunday (04/29) evening. After a tiring morning all alone, I’d think of any excuse just to get out with her. After all, she has been urging me to take her there for about two weeks or so.

The place was very crowded that night. A condition that forced me to park the car about 50m from the restaurant itself. Lucky for us, when we got in, there’s a table for two near the door. We quickly sat and asked for the menu. It consists mainly of choices of ā€“ what else ā€“ pancakes. There are also various beef, chicken, and fish steaks; choices of pasta, kids’ menu, various desserts and beverages. The prices are quite reasonable too. The pancakes themselves run for around twenty-something thousands and the beverages around fifteen thousands. After browsing the selections, we ordered our choices: Pancious Original, hot tea, and hot white chocolate for her; Tiramisu and caramel latte for myself. Had we brought other friends we had to wait outside like one family of six who arrived just before us. The place was packed.

During the wait, I looked around the place. It was neatly designed, posh & modern. I think it was a house before it was turned into the crowded eatery, judging from the beautiful pool on the back of the restaurant. Ambient lighting is abundant, with easy-listening music streaming from several stylish wall-mounted speakers.

TiramisuOur orders came in waves ā€“ hers first, then mine. The pancakes themselves were delicious. The syrup was great, and the caramel(?) sauce on mine tastes like heaven. Not to mention the soft vanilla ice cream on the side. I just have one objection: it was too much. I ate only half of mine and I was already full. So did Miss D. Perhaps they can consider keeping the two stack of pancakes for aesthetics’ sake, but how about reducing their size? I felt guilty about the huge chunk of pancake I left behind, but what can I say, my stomach just couldn’t handle anymore.

The attendants are a bit rough around the edges too. They could use a bit of more hospitality training. I repeatedly had to frantically wave my hand up in the air before I could get any attention. I also noticed that they didn’t confirm my order after taking it, but hey, it’s the pancakes what we’re after, right?

Overall, I’m giving Pancious a 4 out of 5. A cute hangout, but prepare your tummies before venturing!

UPDATE: I managed to pin a location of Pancious on my Google Map. And here’s another one on Cybermap.co.id.

UPDATE: Pancious is now officially open at Pacific Place, 5th floor. If you’re having trouble the store I mentioned above, just head there, folks!

15 Responses to “Pancious Pancake House”

  1. Hmmmm…. pancakes, I wish Google maps have data for Jakarta, so I can ask where on earth is the exact location of this place

  2. The pancakes were so yummy..And so do you.. :D

    Makasiy ya kamu udah mau ajak aku kesana..Sekarang aku gak ngidam lagi deh..Hehehe..

    Pengen siy kesana lagi, tapi pesennya jangan banyak2 dan pilih2 jam datengnya..Males aja klo pas kesana banyak ‘foreigner’nya hehehe..

    Luvu hun!

  3. FYI, “caramel?” = Maple syrup :D

  4. @ Rusdy :

    Oh, pardon me. The address for Pancious is Jl.Permata Hijau Blok A No.12, Jakarta Selatan. If you’re planning on coming with more than 3 or 4 friends, I suggest that you reserve a place first: 021.530.4325.

    @ dince :

    Sama-sama, Sayang. Aku juga seneng kok ngeliat kamu makan pancake-mu lahap begitu. Hehehe. Soal strategi untuk kunjungan berikutnya rasanya harus begitu, Mbem. Pesen satu buat berdua, atau minta separo aja pancake-nya. Trus jamnya, jam makan siang aja? Aku nggak yakin sih kalo jamnya dirubah demografi pengunjungnya bakal berubah juga. Heheh.

    @ Giggsy :

    Nope, nope. I assure you, the sauce on my pancake is not maple syrup. I think I’d know the difference. *grin* It tasted like something you’d expect from a tiramisu. You know, mocca or coffee-like. Oh, hell. Just give it a try instead, Tante! :)

  5. range harganya berapaan, yah?
    gw sangat sangat pengen ke sana. i love pancakes! :D

  6. @ nike :

    Pancakes-nya sekitar 20-30 ribu. Minumannya mulai 15 ribuan untuk yang model shakes, ice blends, dan semacamnya. Untuk makanan non-pancakes lebih mahal, seinget gw mulai dari 50 ribuan.

    You should try it anyway, though. The place is cozy (albeit very crowded, especially on weekends), the pancakes are top notch, and the price is quite reasonable.

  7. […] Sales Rep My earlier blog post on Pancious Pancake House has landed at the first place of google’s search results for the eatery. Should they thank me […]

  8. waduh, padahal rumahku deket sana, tapi belum nyoba. jadi ngler hanya dengan membacanya..=)

  9. @aulia ali:
    Tapi pasti udah sering liat ya? Wong penuh banget gitu siang malem. Hehe.

  10. Try PANCIOUS!!! it’s very worth your money…:) bukan dari segi harga aje, rasanya juga enak banget!! wafflenya blom smpet coba sih… tapi katanya lebih mantap dari pancakeny… try their opera…. geez… addictive!!!!:P and their strawberry shake? a MUST try!! those who love chocolate… Pancious… is A MUST!!!:D

  11. @pancakelover:
    Wuaduh. Such enthusiasm and exuberance! Gw jadi pingin ke sana lagi. Hehe.

  12. ada lho lokasinya, di petaku.com – ketik aja pancious pancake.. lumayan akurat si at least di sekitar sana… jadi gak terlalu nyasar ehhehe..

  13. @robert:
    Yup, you’re right! Sayang petanya nggak bisa di-link ya. Thanks for your info!

  14. a nice place, yummy pancakes (especially for d vanilla almond), worth price ^^

  15. @ pzzy:
    You’re absolutely right!

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