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Telkom Local Call Rates

After the IDD face-off a while ago, I decided to look at the local call rates that Telkom charges us. Something that I haven’t been doing since the heydays of Indonesian Bulletin Board Systems back at 1995 to 1997.

It’s funny how Telkom is – borrowing from its own tagline – committed to us, but charges us astronomical rates. I think it’s more committed to its own profit, if you ask me.

Anyway, here’s how much it charges us for our local calls.

Aerial Distance (Km) Time Band Call Unit Duration (Mins) Price per Call Unit (IDR) Net Price per Hour (IDR)
0-20 00.00-09.00 3 250 5,500
09.00-15.00 2 250 8,250
15.00-24.00 3 250 5,500
>20 00.00-09.00 2 250 8,250
09.00-15.00 1.5 250 11,000
15.00-24.00 2 250 8,250


  • Net Price per Hour is inclusive of VAT.
  • Information source can be found here.

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