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Destination: Japan

I just got my visa from the Embassy of Japan. I went out from The Office at around 1.00 pm – under my boss’ consent, of course – and got to the embassy about 20 minutes after. There was already a 5m queue in front of the embassy. From my previous visit, I know that they has an impeccable timing precision. That was also shown today. The security guards opened the steel door exactly at 1.30pm. They let about 10 persons in every 3 minutes.

After the usual metal detector gate and x-rays, I returned to the visa application room. I quickly grab a number – a rather depressing 141, while the LCD panel on the counters showed 119 and 120 – and waited for my turn. There were about 40 people in the room. They were kind of divided, one side of the room was occupied by travel agents and the other one by individual applicants like me.

After a while, the buzzer above the counter sounded and 141 showed on the LCD panel. I readied my passport receipt note and showed to the staff over the counter. The staff checked the number on it against a stack of passports, but she couldn’t find it. “Yours are not ready yet. Just wait and I’ll call your name later on.” Gulp. What’s wrong?! Was something amiss with my application? Was it rejected?

The questions floated inside my head while I went back to my seat. I started to worry. With all the airline tickets – the ones for the two-way trip to Japan and my sisters two way trip from Surabaya to Jakarta – have been bought, the flight date looming, and my leave of absence had been granted, I assure you, a lot was riding on that one. My pessimistic side started to develop a Plan B for other ways I could get a visa.

But my hesitation didn’t last long. About 30 minutes later I heard the staff called my name over the intercom. She handed me our – mine and my sister’s – passports. I gave her the exact change for all the IDR 231,000 for the visa processing fee, gave her my big thanks and bolted out of the place.

I’m going to Japan! Woohoo! Though I must keep in mind that this won’t be journey only for the sole purpose of personal pleasure, this is a trip to pick my father and my mother up. On the other hand, I have to admit that a trip to a foreign country always excites me, and I think I’ll make the best of it while serving the trip’s main purpose. Wish us luck, Guys!

2 Responses to “Destination: Japan”

  1. When you’re going? Don’t forget the camera!!

  2. @ Rusdy :

    I forgot to mention the date, didn’t I? We’ll be going on May 11th and will return on the 19th. My camera is already in Japan. I think I’ll borrow the one from The Office, if my boss agrees.

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