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Tips for a Hassle-Free Japanese Visa Application

From my dealings with Japanese visa application, I can now officially give you a few tips to ensure you of getting a hassle-free Japanese visa application. Bear in mind, no guarantee is either expressed nor implied. The success of your visa application rests solely on the Embassy of Japan’s goodwill. By the way, you can also apply some of the tips below for applying visas from other countries as well. I think the basic principles are the same.

  1. Know the enemy’s territory. You’ll be inside their turf, so prepare yourself well. Google your way to the embassy’s official website to obtain information on visa applications. Get the information on the fundamentals:
    • Locations.
    • Phone numbers.
    • Business hours. This includes the embassy’s own national holidays, if any.
    • How long it will take to process the visa
    • Documents needed.
    • Application forms. These may be available as download links.
    • Visa processing fees.
    • Dress-codes, if any. It would be a big let down to have yourself denied of entry just because you’re wearing that miniskirt, right? Especially when you’re a man. :P
  2. Apply for the visa sufficiently before your departure date. Spare some time for a sufficient margin of errors. About 3 or 4 weeks from your departure date is ideal.
  3. Have all needed documents ready in both originals and copies. Hell, bring two copies just to feel safe.
  4. All signatures on the application forms must be originals. No xeroxes, no facsimiles, no printed signatures. I learned this the hard way, having to delay my application just to wait for my sister to send her signed application form from Surabaya.
  5. Bring exact change for the visa processing fee. For the Japanese visa, you’ll need IDR 231,000 for each single-entry visa. The staff denied an applicant’s goodwill of waiving his IDR 4,000 change. They’re that strict, so be prepared.
  6. State your intentions of traveling clearly. There is only a line on the application form for this purpose. If you don’t feel that’s enough, write on a separate piece of paper. Attach photos, documents, or anything that will corroborate your intentions.
  7. Be honest with your data. There’s no point of making up stories just to have it be used against yourself.
  8. Take notes. Take note of the staffs’ names, get the document receipt xeroxed, jot down dates. You’ll thank yourself later.
  9. Be nice to everyone. Not quite an original tip, but you’ll be lucky you smiled to that security guard when you need to borrow his pen. You’ll never know. Even other fellow applicants can be a good source of information when you get lost.

14 Responses to “Tips for a Hassle-Free Japanese Visa Application”

  1. Hello sir ……!
    i would like to work in Japan as any post like,waiter,kitchen helper,general worker etc.. now im in Qatar.my native country is Nepal,im working here as a indian& cahinse cook since before two years .. , im very intrested to work in japan.

    thinking you sir
    Devendra Kumar Chhetri
    phone no;[edited]

  2. @ Devendra Kumar Chhetri:
    Hello there, Mr. Chhetri. I think you misaddressed your job application letter. I’m really not the person you should talk to. Heck, I don’t even work in Japan, Mr. Chhetri. :)

    I think you’ll have better luck googling your next job in Japan. Good luck, my good man!

  3. hello sir i m welding and i wtahnksanit wark en japan may mobail nambar [edited]

  4. @ shahid rahman:
    Mr. Rahman, I don’t think you’ll succeed in nailing a job by addressing your application to me. Please see my reply to Mr. Chhetri above.

    P.S.: A good first step to nailing your next job overseas would be learning proper written English, Mr. Rahman. :)

  5. i want to take free visa of japan because i want to do job in japan i want do helper job in any japan’s company

  6. @ azeem:
    Again, Mr. Azeem, this is not a place to post your job applications. I don’t think your potential employer will have any interest in a blogpost offering tips for getting a visa to Japan because, well, they *already are* Japanese aren’t they?

  7. Hi. Im going to the embassy on thursday in London to get a working holiday visa. One of the requirement is to write a itinerary of what my plans are for the first 6 months. Any tips on how I can make this sound really good?

  8. @ Skeet:
    Unfortunately no, Skeet. Sorry. I’ve never been in your situation before. I just went overseas for vacations and stuff, but never for work. I did travel for work once, but I went to a country where visa on arrival is easily obtainable.

  9. pls iam a nigerian by birth , i want to travel to japan any moment from now can kndly he looking forard to hear from you very soon

  10. @ tony; ALL:
    I’m not offering you anything about any travel plans to Japan nor any job opportunities in Japan! Would you guys read at the post title?!?! That’s it! I’m not gonna approve any other comments asking for any job or that kind of things!

  11. Hei hei… LOL..

    Nobody reads the post. I am jst googling for way to find out if i can apply for visa without get a ticket from Busan to Fukouka.. A bit difficult since the Busan website is not very helpful in issuing any tickets of any sorts.
    Oh well. So much for itinerary…

    Chea Yee.

  12. @ Chea Yee:
    Heheh. Sorry for the outrage. I’ve got no idea about the answer to your predicament. Sorry and good luck for your travel plan.

  13. lmao

    i love how no one is actually responding regarding what this post i about. excellent tips though. i saved this post and as i might be getting a job in japan i will be needing these for my visit to the embassy. no 9 and no 8 are biggies. i’ve learned those two the hard way before. great post!

  14. @ dendoo:
    Hahaha. Indeed. You should’ve seen the ones I’ve massacred after my last outrage above.

    Thanks for the compliments and good luck on your visa application & your future job. :)

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