Decidedly mundane…

News from the Frontlines #13

At first, I hesitated to use the number thirteen for this post. Should I just skip to fifteen like some buildings do for their floor numbers? Naah. Not important.

Anyway, Fri, 05/04, 04.35am. I called to Japan and got the following info:

  • My parents are a-okay. Pop is getting better with his walk.
  • Our flight home is confirmed. We got into the waiting list for the second leg of the flight – the flight transits in Denpasar – at first, but we finally got the confirmed seats.
  • Mom has booked me and my sister another room at the hotel. for the whole week we’ll be staying in Japan.
  • Mom also asked me to bring only one suitcase and stuff the rest of our stuff into backpacks. “You do remember the two gigantic suitcases your father and me brought here, don’t you?”
  • She asked me to complete all of this month’s chores ahead of our departure to Japan.

Well, that’s it for now. It looks like that I’ll be busy next week.

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