Decidedly mundane…

Strange USB Gadgetry

Ever since USB started to become mainstream back around 2003, – if my memory didn’t fail me, though – every now and then I stumbled upon articles about peculiar uses for the truly universal port. I remember the time when I read about a USB powered electric fan and couldn’t help wondering, “Is it really that useful?”

Years have gone by, yet people seem to find more and more peculiar uses for USB ports. You should visit one of my favorite site everythingUSB.com where sometime they’ll come up with news about those kind of devices. Some of those includes:

Hi-Tech USB Aquarium with Webcam, Filter and Temp Control. You can let your favorite pet goldfish here and watch her over the network with its built-in webcam. Just don’t forget to feed your pet as no method of feeding the fish built-in.
Hello Kitty Figure with Waving Wings and Blinking Wand. I don’t know about you, but I find no use for a feline figurine whose wand blinks and whose wings flap with the rythm of your typing.
Ghost Radar with Built-in Flash Disk. Go bust some ghosts with this device. Basically, it detects unusual magnetic waves with audible alerts and flashing red lights.

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