Decidedly mundane…

Consultancy Woes

Last December, The Office, IS Internal Audit, hired a consultant to formulate an IS Audit Charter for The Company. Five months into the project, we haven’t seen the whole rough draft of the charter-to-be. I’ve experienced waves upon waves of endless meetings, workshops, discussions, which bring me to the following conclusion.

Never make the mistake of expecting consultants to have a deep understanding of our organization. We hire them solely for their methodology and ā€“ albeit not very often ā€“ their knowledge of industry practices.

4 Responses to “Consultancy Woes”

  1. Hi, so you’re working for *** now ? Very nice. Got an account there too, among my favorite bank.

  2. @ sufehmi:
    Awww. You’re just being nice to me.. :)

  3. […] session of audit programs proposed by our consultant. Yes, the same consultant which brought me my consultancy woes. I won’t delve into the details of the audit program, I’ve had it with those darn […]

  4. […] my past experience as a member of the counterpart team for a consulting firm for the benefit of The Company, I can really relate to Mr. Angry’s pains being the man in the […]

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