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Ten Things I Hate About You

In The Office, there is a certain senior member who’s getting more and more on my nerve with every passing day. He is four pay grades above me, but has demonstrated a terrible lack of competency for the fat paycheck he’s getting every end of the month. Please observe the evidences below as I try to build a case against him.

  1. You talk to much. He blabbers all day about nothing. I can’t understand how he can stand hours after hours of talking about trivial things. Even worse, he does that on the company’s time and dime.
  2. You’re living in the past. Every now and then he makes reference to old technologies, “It’s just like the old system. I used to audit them all. It was easier back then. I used to teach all the other auditors about it.” Wake up, Man. There’s no point in remembering your so-called good old days. Keep up with the tech or stay out of the way.
  3. You’re great at concepts but that’s all you’ve got. Sure, you can talk concepts at lengths, but FYI, concept without application means nothing, nada, zilch.
  4. You use office supplies and equipments for your own personal profit, excessively. Last time I checked, a thesis for your master degree doesn’t fall into something that is in the interest of The Company. Then, you further complicate things by moving the supposedly shared printer to your own cubicle or borrowing the USB cable for the printer. Don’t even get me started on the company-bought reams of papers you print the thesis on, the CD-Rs you use to share your class work, and the telephone cost you use to discuss the homeworks at length with your classmates.
  5. You defer jobs that fall into your job description to your inferiors. Job descriptions are not just pieces of paper. They define your responsibility as a professional. When you give blank audit procedures to your team members and just say, “It’s easy with me. I’m flexible.” as a cover, you just earn yourself my disrespect. Blank audit procedures is not a flexibility, it’s a neglect of your own responsibility as a team leader. Audit result letters, electronic workpaper projects, letters to the auditee, they are all your responsibility, Mister! Asking for help is all okay with me, just as long you don’t do anything for your personal interest instead!
  6. You talk tough about your rights but don’t return equal amount of work for The Company. Stock prices, stock options, incentives, bonuses, salary raise, are those the only things you care about? You complain about the declining of the company’s stock price – which will undoubtedly affect your earnings on your stock options – but do nothing to increase its value with the quality of your work. And, BTW, attending your sick child is a job for your (non-working) wife, not yourself.
  7. Your repeating of the others’ saying doesn’t make you look smart. You’ll look stupid, stupid. Saying the exact same thing – albeit with different wording – after someone has said it five minutes ago is far from clever. You just waste other people’s time.
  8. Your sucking up to the bosses shows your quality: low quality. Not everybody will return your sucking up and boot licking efforts. Pathetic effort to save your ass of your own incompetence.
  9. You’re too lazy to get your fat butt out of your chair. Constantly – yes, constantly – asking others to help you buy your lunch is getting old. We’re not your servants and therefore have no obligation to act like so.
  10. You manipulate a kind person for your own personal gain. By “a kind person”, I mean Ronald. Yes, he is a good-hearted fellow who’s eager to help anyone that ask him for a favor. But I don’t think coaxing him to do what you are supposed to do yourself, on your free time, about your own personal interest, falls into that category. He is a colleague, a good friend, not a doormat.
  11. You stamp others’ presence card even when you’re not asked to. Doing so is not a benevolence, you’re just sowing bad corporate culture. All the money for those corporate culture sessions and outings just goes to waste, in part thanks to you.

Yes, I know, it was supposed to be a list of ten things, but that’s just how mad I am at you. I’ll rue the day you are transfered to somewhere else!

8 Responses to “Ten Things I Hate About You”

  1. Aih cintaaaaa..Bahasamu ituuuu..CADASSSSSSS !!!!!

    (baru sekali aku baca postingan kamu yang kayak gini..jangan sering sering ya..syerem..hehehehe..lampiaskanlah padaku..kan kuberi ku senangku..hayyah..hehehe)

  2. @ dince :

    Ehehehe. Nggak, nggak sering-sering kok. Ini cuma buah dari kekesalanku yang membuncah sebagai hasil review audit hari ini. Kerjaan yang seharusnya kerjaan dia kok dioper-oper ke orang seenaknya. Semua cuma demi dia nggak kerja atau ngerjain tesisnya itu. Menyebalkan!!

  3. kedengarannya tipikal pegawai ‘plat merah’ ga, orde baru sekali.
    khusus no.6: “talk is cheap, show me the code” kata linus.

    btw, untuk posting yang beginian coba inget pesan ibu mena trott, pendiri sixapart: “If you aren’t going to say something directly to someone’s face, than don’t use online as an opportunity to say it” ;)

    baca selengkapnya disini: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/the_web/article662200.ece

  4. @ Dhika :

    Ho’oh. Padahal ini di Kantor Pusat loh, yang seharusnya sudah lebih demokratis dan liberal. Gimana coba yang di daerah-daerah, yang gw jamin aroma feodalisnya pasti lebih kental?

    Soal posting, iya gw sadar sepenuhnya kok. Everything we wrote on the web, will stay forever in the web, right? Case in point: here and here. Tenang aja, Dhik. Konsekuensinya pun sudah gw sadari benul. Hehe. Thx for the info, though.

  5. #gardine,
    jadi siap nih cabut dari situ? kalo ya, ane ajakin mendarat di usaha ane nih, dengan senang hati ane bikinin updacara penyambutan ;)

  6. @ Dhika :

    Bweh. Kok diterjemahin jadi “gue siap cabut dari sini”? Hehehe. Nggak siap, Dhik. Terutama soal penalti yang bujubuneng nilainya. Unless, elo mau bantuin gw bayar penaltinya sih nggak masalah. Hehehe.

  7. Hmmm… you have made your points, now print them and signed by other work colleagues for witnesses, copy them, then put them on the wall! :D

    Or, give this link to your boss’ boss (mask them as if from someone else ;) ), then see what will happen

    OK, serious mode *ON: sorry to hear that! Though my sorry won’t help in any way. Shall we start spread this link through the web and hoping the management somehow get it?

  8. @ Rusdy:

    Naaah. I won’t do that. It would be a social suicide. I’m content enough that I have vented my outrage. (Talk about cowardice, huh?)

    I don’t think any harsher actions will benefit either the company or myself. I think that the boss already has an inkling about his – the one I’m telling you about – behaviour. Besides, there has been serious rumour that he’ll be transferred anyway.

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