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Tips for Making Sure Your Baggage is Safe

Traveling by domestic flights in Indonesia is a bit hazardous for your baggage. You can never trust those baggage handlers. I’ve seen theft and baggage tampering on far too many occasions. Several of those experiences I’ve obtained myself. I’ve collected several baggage safety tips for your consideration.

  • Spare the suitcase padlocks. These padlocks don’t help. The darn thieves just cut them or cut the zipper heads. They cost about IDR 30,000, so save yourself quite a sum by not using them. Besides, these things will attract the scumbags anyway. If you’re feeling insecure, you can opt for the baggage wrapping service. They will tight-wrap your baggage with plastic sheet for IDR 25,000, if I’m not mistaken.
  • Don’t put anything of value inside your checked baggage. Common sense. If the thieves didn’t get it first, it’ll break anyway, due to harsh treatment during baggage handling.
  • Even your cabin baggage is not safe. Keep your eyes peeled at all times. I’ve heard several reports of baggage switching gambits where the thieves will switch your bag – or its contents, even – when you’re off-guard.
  • Mark your baggage clearly. Too many suitcases are alike. You don’t want to mistook somebody else’s belonging, or even worse, somebody else mistook yours. Use ribbons or big labels to mark yours.

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