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Six Things I Miss About Japan

I stayed in Japan for just eight days and I’ve been back in Jakarta for just three days, already there are things I miss about Japan.

  1. Orderliness. Everything is so neat and in order. The law is really abided there. Of course, not all people obey the rules, but it is comforting to know at a vast majority of the people do.
  2. High-speed Internet access. I still long for our rented apartment’s blazing Internet access. Everything on the Web feels as if they were on the Intranet. I never have imagined that I’d experience download transfer speeds of up to 1.2MB/sec, My Goodness!
  3. Punctuality. I’m often derided by my friends for striving to be punctual. For example, I try to be ready for a meeting about 5 minutes beforehand when the other attendees leave their workstations exactly at the time of the start of the meeting. So, Japanese punctuality is heaven for me.
  4. Automation. Everything is either automatic, electronic, or both. Fast, secure, hassle-free and of course free from human intervention – and corruption.
  5. Spring-time temperature. It was around 19°C (66°F for you guys on the other side of the scale) when I was in Japan. Very cozy. No wonder all those Japanese can go to work on a bike, wearing full suit. Something you can’t do in Jakarta without precipitating like a swine.
  6. Earnest and hospitality of the Japanese people. They are amazing. They really mean their work. They are also so kind and helpful.

2 Responses to “Six Things I Miss About Japan”

  1. How about me? Didnt u miss me hun? Poor me hic hic hic :'(

  2. @ ceuceu’dince :

    Absolutely untrue, Dear. I missed you so much, but you should pay more attention to the post’s title: “Six Things I Miss About Japan”. Had it been “The Single Most Important Thing I Miss While I Stayed in Japan”, you would’ve been in it.

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