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Random Snapshots #3: Engrish Is Practiced Here

I’ve often read about the use of Engrish on the Web, but never thought that I’d be in Japan to experience it first-hand. So, here’s some I came across while I stayed in Tokyo last week.

I'm Glad to Meet You Too, But She's Not My Friend This is seen on a handbag sold in the Ameyayokocho Market. The text reads “She is a friend of mine. I’m glad to meet you.” Huh? Continuation/correlation, please?
I’m Not Entering The Room Anyway, Thanks to Your Confusing Warning
This is seen on the door of the x-ray room in the University of Tokyo Hospital. The text reads “Please do not enter room about the instruction it is.”
I'm Not Entering The Room Anyway, Thanks to Your Confusing Warning
Beat It! Seen on a card holder product inside a JPY 100 shop. The text reads “Passcard. Love & Peace! Beat[sic] Wishes for you!” Don’t they have proofreaders in China?
Seen on soft bag product inside a JPY 100 shop. The yellow label reads “Joyful impression. We produce it for whole human beings.” What about the rest of us, human beings that’s not “whole”? I'm Lucky I'm 'Whole'
Quite A Well Wish 1 Seen on a drawer mat product inside a JPY 100 shop. Observe the top right hand side of the package. You can see it more clearly in the next picture.
Quite A Well Wish 2 The text reads “Your shelf space will be beautiful and you will live a comfortable.happy[sic] life.” Quite a tall order you have there. Seen on a drawer mat product inside a JPY 100 shop
The label on the chili powder canister reads, “Producted[sic] by S&B. Select Brand.” Producted
Be Careful The label in the elevator the Sony Building in Ginza reads, “Be careful for the door, not to be caught your hands and baggage.”
The t-shirt sold at the Ameyayokocho Market says, “Save our green. Walk on by. 130% run. The city’s a flood then burning love.” WTF? As Long As It Says Something in English
Engrish Is Spoken Here This sticker was seen inside one of the restroom cubicles of Tokyo Narita Airport. Only this time, a friendly english-speaking visitor of the airport has provided us with all the necessary corrections. Notice how he wrote “Engrish is Spoken Here”, conveniently provided me with this post’s title. Anyway, the sticker originally said, “Precaution. Do not flush anything other than the toilet paper provided, or otherwise the pipe will be clogged.”
This was seen inside the airport shuttle train of Narita Airport Terminal 2. It says, “Please be careful due to shuttle emergency stop, for prevention of accident.” Stop! Please Stop!
 A Strange Key to Quality This last piece was also seen inside a JPY 100 shop. The spyglass packaging said, “The key to quality is gentleness and safety.” You don’t say?

3 Responses to “Random Snapshots #3: Engrish Is Practiced Here”

  1. Me cracked, this is!!! :D

    PS: read: This posting really crack me up!!

  2. To Table Square-Square Cute One Time [ke-meja kotak-kotak lucu se-kali]

    Hayyah! :P

  3. @ Rusdy :

    Sure do. Have you also noticed the increasing trend of Engrish occurences on Chinese products? They’re are as silly – and funny – as hell. :)

    @ Dince :
    Hayyah beneran!! Hehehehehe. Semalem kamu kejedug cukup parah rupanya ya, Sayang?

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