Decidedly mundane…

What’s With the License Plate?

I’ve been wondering about this one for quite some time now. For several years running, while driving, I’ve crossed onto cars with theses unusual license plates. Regular car license plates for the greater Jakarta area consists of the letter B, followed by one to four numbers, and ended with one or two letters again or, sometimes, with no letters at all.

But look at the one pictured. Five numbers, followed by another two numbers smaller in size? What are they? Drop me a line if you got an answer.

One Response to “What’s With the License Plate?”

  1. […] License Plates Quite a while ago, I questioned about the existence of a certain unusual license plates attached to some cars in Jakart…. Since then, I haven’t got a definitive – any, even – answers on it. Instead, I got another […]

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