Decidedly mundane…

Unwanted Hiatus

My blog finally suffered from the illness that has plagued the majority of personal blogs: eventual neglect due to lack of author’s time to maintain it. I’ve been extremely busy at work – sounds unlikely, huh? – these past few months. The fact that my dial-up modem was toast, my CDMA modem only intermittently operational, and my laptop – with its built-in dial-up modem – was in for a repair didn’t help much either.

So, expect a fewer number of posts from me for the time being, my dear readers. I’ll try to sneak a post or two into my hectic schedule, though.

4 Responses to “Unwanted Hiatus”

  1. Ah, I was wondering why it has been quiet. Too quiet for your blog anyway!

  2. @ Rusdy:
    Heheh. Yup, sorry for this. Too many tasks at hand means everything gets prioritized. :(

    BTW, are you insinuating that my blog is somewhat “raucous”? :)

  3. Nothing wrong being rowdy, isn’t it? he he ;)

  4. @ Rusdy:
    Not at all, Buddy.. :)

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