Decidedly mundane…

Week-long Feast

Just in case you’re wondering where the hell I was on the week of June 25 through June 30, I was sent to The Company’s Education & Training Center in Ragunan to attend a validation session of audit programs proposed by our consultant. Yes, the same consultant which brought me my consultancy woes. I won’t delve into the details of the audit program, I’ve had it with those darn programs. To tell you the truth, the CobiT 4.0-based audit programs weren’ t that much applicable to the company anyway.

No, the most interesting part was the sumptuous meals and the coffee-break snacks we got three times a day. It is worth noting here that the last time I attended a workshop just like this one, I gained 2 kgs of weight. *grin* Alas, not this time. Perhaps out of exhaustion from thinking, I just gained 1 kg this time.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of the feast that was “IT Audit Program Validation Workshop”.


6 Responses to “Week-long Feast”

  1. I would gain at least 4kg with these food!!

  2. @ Rusdy:
    Ahhh, I think it all lies on the question of “cabin capacity”. ;)

  3. hmmmm… so many foods ..

  4. @ oRiDo:
    Alhamdulillah ya? Naek sekilo loh! Sekilo!

  5. I don’t mind doing audit on all these foods, you know, some of them can be poisoned, you know? *slurp*

    Are you sure this is an IT education event, not a culinary seminar or something ? :D

    Hi Arga!

  6. @ sufehmi:
    Aah, just like royal food-tasters of yore? I’d be honored!

    And yup, I’m positive. Though the cuisine would make anyone wondered about the same thing. :)

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