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What Not to Expect from Consultants

Based from my experience as a member of the counterpart team for a team of consultants, here’s a list of some of the things we’re not supposed to expect from their service:

  1. Understanding of our business process. Even after months of interviews and document reviews, they will try hard to avoid our requests for any kind of documents that delve just a little bit more into the details of our business process.
  2. Quality of work. Almost everything beside their methodology is shoddy and rough. Inconsistent document formats, poor spelling, omissions of agreed-upon materials. Very clumsy.
  3. Timeliness. Most certainly, our project will be continuously behind schedule. Just don’t point any fingers to the counterpart team, they’re taking so long in validating the consultant’s quality control-lacking submitted documents.
  4. Team membership permanence. This only applies to the top brass in the team. The foot-soldiers? No, sir-ee. I’ve seen three of them went out of the team – out of their firm, in fact – in just the last three months.
  5. Concentration on just one project: ours. If you’re even remotely think this way, you’re in a delusion. The only ones being concentrated – if so – are the foot-soldiers. The top brass will likely be spread between at least two projects. That’s why you will rarely see them on your site and even if they are, they will also be working on other projects as well.

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