Decidedly mundane…

Hmmm, This Feels Familiar

Last night (07/21), I went to the movies with Miss D. We saw The Painted Veil – great movie, by the way; there, I admit it, Honey – at the Studio 3 of Pondok Indah XXI. The Studio 3 was dubbed “Deluxe” because it has only limited seats which are very plush and comfortable. The seats was available in pairs, whereas moviegoers – at least they who come as a couple – can lift the middle armrest up for a more “intimate” movie experience, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, being there early in the topmost seats all the while other people started pouring in made me remember a certain guy in the holy scriptures: Noah – or Nabi Nuh A.S. for those of you uncomfortable with Western spelling of religious personalities. Why? Well, it’s because I saw all the creatures come in pairs. *punch-line cymbals, please!*

P.S.: I also heard on the radio that the phenomenon of young couples becoming inseparable while sitting at the movies as “siamese twins effect”.

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