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Esia vs. Fren

I use the CDMA services from two different providers, Esia and Fren. I have to admit, CDMA has been a boon for me. Instead of paying nearly a hundred thousand IDR for every hour of call to my belle, I wound up paying just a paltry thousands of IDR. Huge relief on my wallet.

Anyway, I’ve decided to compare the tariffs of those two operators. Here’s the run down.

  1 Minute 5 Minutes 30 Minutes 1 Hour 2 Hours 5 Hours
Fren (Post-paid) 510 1,050 1,300 1,600 2,200 4,000
Fren (Pre-paid) 660 693 968 1,298 1,639 3,938
Esia (Pre-paid) 55 275 1,650 1,100 4,400 14,300


  • All tariffs are stated in IDR.
  • All tariffs are for calls to the same operator (Fren to Fren and Esia to Esia).
  • Fren’s abovementioned tariff is a promotional one and valid through August 31st, 2007.
  • All pre-paid services tariffs are inclusive of VAT.

UPDATE: Fren caps outgoing calls – to other Fren number, at least – at 2 hours max.

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