Decidedly mundane…

Dix Mois Très Beaux

To celebrate my passing the CCF final exam for the 1B level, I’m writing my luniversary celebratory title in French. *applause please*

Anyway, here’s to a wonderful ten months, Hunny. Thanks for being there, beside me. From the discussions we had several times this month, I’m more confident with our relationship. I think the time has come to shift into high gear now. Hopefully, God willing, things should fall into their own places.

Luv u so much, Dear!

2 Responses to “Dix Mois Très Beaux”

  1. Cinta..Happy Luniversary ya..LUVU BGT, Cinta..Mudah-mudahan semua bisa lancar ya sayang ya (amin)..Musti udah siap2 untuk Ubud Project niy, Hun..Hehehe..LUVUuuuu..

    -eMbhem luV eMmash-

  2. @ dince:
    Yoeh! Mbhem & Ndut goes to Ubud! Woohoo! Luv u so much, Mbhem!

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