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Road to (and from) Work

I never really got back to conclude my mission on finding a new mean of transportation after my dad retired. After several months of experiments, I’ve come up with several alternatives.

To reach The Office, the best route is to start the journey walking about 700m to the front of my housing complex, then continue with 10 minutes B.17 KWK (microbus) ride to the Kebon Jeruk Toll-gate. From there, I can take PPD bus P.45 or Mayasari P.77 to Semanggi Bridge. I prefer P.77, though. P.45 drivers tend to stall their way at the Slipi flyover. Total cost? IDR 2,000 for the Mikrolet and another IDR 2,000 for the bus.

For the reverse trip, I usually walk the pedestrian bridge to the front of Atmajaya University. I can choose from Mayasari P.77, AC.62, or AC.133. I prefer the first, as the AC – as in air-conditioned – buses cost IDR 5,500. All three buses go to Karawaci or Cikokol via Kebon Jeruk tollroad. I step off the bus at the Kebon Jeruk toll gate, walk to the overhead bridge to get into the B.17. I step off the KWK at Superindo Supermarket and take a 650m walk to my home sweet home.

2 Responses to “Road to (and from) Work”

  1. Sounds complicated, how long does it take to and fro?

  2. @ Rusdy:
    Oh, I forgot to write about that, didn’t I? It usually takes me about an hour for me to go to work and vice versa. If I manage to woo my father or mother to drive me off to the toll-gate (instead of walking and taking the B.17), I can shave a good half-hour from the morning commute, though.

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