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My Vote is In!

Finally, the governatorial election for the province of DKI Jakarta is being held today. After about three weeks of campaigns and even longer pseudo-campaigns – through not-so-subtle-disguised ballyhoes and public-service annoucements – it finally came through. I haven’t watched any television today, so I’ve heard no news of the progress of the votes.

I casted my vote this morning at the vote-casting booth #23 in my housing complex. I went there on around 9am, so there were already some crowd gathering there. I had trouble finding my name from the list of voters posted on the board just outside the booths’ tents, so I went back to my house to get the voter’s notification from the local voting committee. It had my voter’s number and booth number printed on it.

Luckily, the crowd hasn’t changed much when I got back from home. I lashed out my voter ID card, my ID card, and the notification letter. The committee member marked my name on his list, gave me my ballot card and told me to proceed to the voting booth. I punched my candidates’ picture on the card, folded the card back, and put it in the ballot box. I nearly walked away from the tent when a security guard told me that I must have my finger dipped in the marker ink, as a sign that I had casted my vote. After that I went back to my home, sweating from the day’s rather unforgiving sun.

As for my candidate, for whom did I vote? Well, let’s just say that I voted for the lesser of the two set of evils.

UPDATE: Fauzi Bowo – Prijanto is our new Governor of Jakarta.

2 Responses to “My Vote is In!”

  1. lho, jadi nusuk juga ga?
    sayang, yg kite dukung belum diberi kesempatan mimpin, inilah realita ;(

  2. @ Dhika:
    Lhooo!!! Gw ndak bilang kalo gw nyoblos apa yang kamu coblos lho, Dhik. If you’re thinking so, it’s probably because you want to think so. :P

    Anyway, iye gw jadi nyoblos. Kartu pemilih gw akhirnya dianterin sama Pak RT hari Senin (06/08) kemarin. Agak-agak injury time juga ya?

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