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Metrodata Solution Day 2007

Last Thursday (08/23), I attended Metrodata Solution Day 2007 at Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta. The Company’s one of its clients, so my department, IS Audit, got a couple of invitations for the event. I attended with Ronald.

The event was divided into two parts by the lunch-time in between them: the main event and the tracks. The main event consists of the usual ceremonial opening, keynotes by the so-called gold sponsors of the event: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sun, and a session by Rheinald Kasali about the need to embrace change. All consistent with the event’s main theme, Transform and Expand Your Business with Change Management. Somehow, I think the keynotes by the speakers are off-key to the theme, though. A question for IBM and Sun: what’s the correlation between change management and the environment?

After lunch the second part of the event was divided into different tracks about infrastructure, applications, etc. I chose several of them which applies to The Company. Nothing special though. In reality, I think it’s just a 45 minutes sessions of sales pitches from the vendors. I only noted one track which really worth my time: the ITIL v3 session by BMC Software Asia Pacific. The fluently-english-speaking speaker explained its difference with the previous version clearly. He wasn’t just selling his software, but he really told us about something useful.

Guys, please remind me to bring more business cards to next year’s event. I ran out of it that time, which stripped me of any chance to win one of the fabulous door prizes. *sigh*

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