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Makassar: City of Anging Mammiri

On September 4th, myself with three other colleagues went to Makassar for an audit of the operational process of The Company’s core banking system. This will be a first time for me to set me feet on the island of Sulawesi, so I was somewhat excited about the trip.

The flight to Makassar took one hour and fifty-five minutes. We took the afternoon flight on purpose, so we can take the rest of the day for ourselves. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the idea of the auditee, who offered to take us to dinner later that evening. After a quick tidy-up in our rooms at Makassar Golden Hotel, – a cozy hotel right at the waterfront of Losari Beach – they picked us up and headed to a fancy chinese seafood restaurant. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very festive, complete with some of the guests – not members of our party, luckily – took to the stage to sing Mandarin songs.

Apparently, seafood is quite a staple for the Makassarans. The rest of our stay saw us eating seafood left and right, day and night, courtesy of our hosts. Not that I’m not grateful or anything, but the deliciousness succumbed to the economic law of diminishing returns. Lucky for us, Makassar is not all about seafood. There is always the famously delectable Sop Konro Karebosi, which is basically a soup of ox ribs. Our hosts also took us to a completely different style of eatery: Mie Titi. It’s a twist of chinese ifumie, where a mesh of noodles was fried, put on a platter, and later a thick sauce of vegetable and chicken soup was put over it. Yum! Perhaps all these tasty delicacies were the reason I gained about three kilos of weight to a all-time record-breaking fifty-seven odd kilograms.

As for the tourist magnets, we didn’t get around much. Our host offered our team to visit Tana Toraja, but the eight hours drive was too much for us – or our beloved bottoms – to take. I, for particular, was never keen on visiting such places anyway. Ruston & Agus, my fellow team members, went to Bantimurung Waterfalls with our hosts and Ruri, our fellow IS auditor who was stationed in Makassar for the past two and a half years. I was satisfied with just a view of the beautiful sunset from the back of our hotel. The fact that I got behind schedule on my audit report didn’t help much either. Oh, and the local Deputy Inspector showed us round Tanjung Bunga, a reclaimed swat of land developed for housing estates and a shopping mall.

We went back to our lovely J-town on September 12th. We splurged a little and took the national flag carrier airline back home. It was also due to the fact that no other airline has earlier flights. *grin*

You can catch a glimpse of my Makassaran travel, here at flickr.

2 Responses to “Makassar: City of Anging Mammiri”

  1. Oi Arga, this information is gold! Can you do the same thing everytime you visit any part of Indonesia, so I can have my adventerous holiday trip planned (not that I have time, but hey!)

    Especially where to stay, food to eat, and link for more information, just like you’ve done here!!


  2. @ Rusdy:
    Ahh, I’m always glad if I could be of any help to any of faithful readers. *grin* Glad you liked it, Rusdy. No worries, I’ll try to bring more like these. You can always find them under the category Travelling on The Company’s Dime.

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