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On Why I’m Dabbling in IT

I recently found out why my father has supported me strongly throughout my childhood about my interest in computers & technology at large. It wasn’t known to me until this discussion we had about a month ago.

Pop: I knew that you’ll have your way in IT back then. Do you remember the time I brought Microsoft Office suite when you were in elementary school or junior-high?

Me: Yes. Microsoft Office 4.0. I was in the first year of junior-high. I think it came as a 25-floppy-disks set. Zany!

Pop: I remember I gave the box to you and came back a couple of hours later and saw that you had it installed on our PC. It was then I knew that you had your way with computers. From that moment on, I try to provide you with the best support that I can.

Me: I know that, Pop. I always know that. Like when I decided to build my own BBS, you went all the trouble to mail-order the software from the states through your friend. Like when you always OK’d when I need to upgrade my PC. After all, it was you who introduced me to computers in the first place. I’m all thankful for that, Pop.

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