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My Wired Home

[Image]As of today, we have broadband Internet connection in our beloved home by way of cable, courtesy of FastNet. Considering its flat IDR 99,000 monthly fee for unlimited traffic, it’s quite a bargain compared to other connection methods (3.5G, CDMA, ADSL, PSTN dial-up, etc.).

I use my trusty old – and now discontinued – Motorola SurfBoard 5100, which I bought back in 2004. The package I’m subscribed to doesn’t come with a free cable modem, though FastNet sells Scientific Atlanta cable-modems for an additional IDR 450,000.

[Image]What about its speed, you may ask? Well. I’ve seen download speeds of up to 60-plus KB/sec, but 30 to 40 KB/sec is the norm. When I continuously ping a site, I saw several “request timed out” messages too. In general, the response times are still better than the other connection methods.

Support was shabby, sadly. All questions and/or help request must be directed through a call-center which is virtually unreachable. I tried to subscribe via the call-center for a week and I didn’t manage to score a single conversation with the any of the CSRs. How many CSRs do they have running the call-center? Three? If you intend to subscribe, use the web-form application on their website. It’s the best bet, though it took a week for the technician to come to my home after I filled it.

If you’re a previous subscriber to KabelVision – FirstMedia previous name – just like me, you’ll be happy to know that they now allow internet-only subscription. Something the didn’t have before the name-change.

BTW, I’ve heard rumors that the connections speeds will grind down as the number of subscriber exponentially rises – 10,000 on their first two months.

Okay, that’s all for now. I think I’ll be back to my hours of listless websurfing. Woohoo!

Lessons learned:

  • The SB5100 has an internal website for you to see its configured parameters and status. You can visit it at the address This is not mentioned even on the modem’s user manual. Are you reading this, Motorola?!
  • It’s okay to let the technician go even before your cable modem came online. It will come online eventually, it takes a little bit of time.
  • If you’re planning on subscribing to FastNet but you’ll use your own modem, it’s a best practice to submit your modem’s MAC address beforehand. It’ll get you online faster.

UPDATE: It seems that the connection tends to slow down at night. Big surprise, huh? Take last night (10/31) for example. I got a download speed of a mere – and painful – 1 to 4 KB/sec.

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