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Following The Spammer’s Trail

I don’t know about you, but everyone of those spam messages I receive goes directly to the trash without any second thoughts. But have you ever wonder what will happen if you do try to follow the links to those unsolicited e-mails about C1alis, V][4grA, and R0l3Xes? Well, Mark Wade, who works for Computer Associates, did just that. He followed it all through to something that’s akin to a virtual world-wide wild goose chase.

So on our virtual tour we started off in Washington state, with the poor church lady; then to Herndon Virginia, where a nosy research started investigating; then to NanChang, China, where the websites were registered. From there it was a short hop to Shenzhen, China, & Seoul, Korea, where the two IP addresses were registered; back to the United State where a suspicious shell company in Las Vegas, Nevada, was registered as the registrant to the support email; back up to Seattle Washington and Jeremy Stamper’s shell companies; then finally to Nicosia, Cyprus, where my money was ultimately collected. That took you across America and got you 3 different stamps in your passport.

CA Security Advisor Research Blog

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