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Bellua Cyber Security Conference 2007

On October 30th to 31st, a colleague and myself attended BCS ’07, held at Gran Melia Hotel, Jakarta. This was supposed to be a gathering of security professionals – and hacker alike – to exchange knowledge on cyber security.

The event itself if kind of exciting for me – the mere mention of the word “hacker” pumps my adrenaline a bit – but it turned out to be somewhat a bore. I was expecting life hacking demos and contests but there were none. The speakers were top notch – at least from my n00b point of view – but alas, the crowd was a Microsoft Windows-based one. The technical sessions were based on *nixes and most of the attendees were out of scope. Take myself for instance, I understood the concepts – make no mistake about it –, but in terms of commands and syntaxes, it all meant nothing for me.

Kudos for Bellua for their effort to hold these kind of conferences. It was top quality. My suggestion for next year event: throw a live hacking contest to keep things paced!

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