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My Sister Graduated with Flying Colors

On November 2nd, all members of my family gathered round in Surabaya. I flew from Jakarta and my father from Tarakan to join my mom and sis who were already there from the previous Monday (10/29). We were all there to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony the next day (11/03). After 4 years, she finally graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Airlangga. With flying colors, note you! 3.39 GPA is surely above average for a state university, right?

The ceremony was held on the humble auditorium of the University of Airlangga. Hell, there wasn’t even air conditioning! Can you imagine the humid hot weather of Surabaya without any air conditioning? Lucky for us, my sister was assigned the morning session. The conditions on the afternoon sessions was unimaginable for me – scary, even. After the usual hubbub, my sister waited for her turn to trot forward to the front of the auditorium to receive her supposed diploma. I saw my father shed a tear right then. When the song Bagimu Negeri was sang by the choir, his tear dam blew right away. Quite an emotional man, my father.

After the requisite photo sessions outside the auditorium following the ceremony, we went to my late grandma’s home in Bendul Merisi, but not before we stop by for a take-out at bakso Pak Jo, near Manyar. Yum!

Anyway, I’d like to congratulate my sister on her great achievement. Just remember though, Sis, your fight had just begun!

If you have the time, here’s a set of photos from our trip to Surabaya.

2 Responses to “My Sister Graduated with Flying Colors”

  1. Selamat buat adik lo yah Ga! IPnya tinggi banget! Semoga diberi kemudahan dalam mencari pekerjaan yang dia sukai.

  2. @ Wasir:
    Amiiin. Makasih ya.

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