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No More Fastnet Troubles

After advertising its prowess a few days earlier, I was confronted with the ugly side of Fastnet’s service. I got blacked out from November 6th up until this evening (11/12). My PC – and my newly-bought Linksys WRT54GL wireless broadband router, for that matter – wouldn’t get a hold of an IP. On the same day my Internet conenction went belly up, I reported the problem twice, via e-mail first, and I manage to wade through their customer-service hotline from hell afterward – really, how many person do they have manning those darn lines?!?! Those two reports yielded no result. My PC still reported the local IP distributed by my modem’s DHCP service. What made the pain worse was the fact that the black-out happen right after I tried to install my wireless router and activating its MAC cloning (a.k.a. spoofing) feature and after Fastnet had their lines in my neighborhood serviced, which made me unable to isolate the problem – was it my modem, my wireless router, my PC, or Fastnet’s lines?

After that, I tried every solutions imaginable: restarting the modem from its web-based configuration screens, resetting it to factory-default, hard-resetting by plugging it off, restarting the PC a gazillion times, running ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew about a thousand times – I mean it, I did it with batch programming – and asking Fastnet to erase their record of my PC’s MAC address (“clear host” in their lingo). Unfortunately, all are duds.

After another e-mail detailing my problems and the attempts I’ve tried to resolve the problem, along with a nice set of photos describing them in details, finally this evening the connection is once again restored. Thanks in part to a helpful Mr. Sigit who apparently is the man behind Fastnet’s e-mail support line.

For you guys curious about the solution, I’m not sure either. After asking Fastnet to “clear host” last night (11/11), this morning I finally plugged my modem to my wireless router, reconfigured the MAC cloning (I changed nothing from my previous configuration, really. I just re-saved the configuration, that’s it.), and hoped for the best. Perhaps time is really the best cure.

Lessons learned:

  • Fastnet customer-service hotline is practically non-existent. Use their e-mail for prompt response.
  • Don’t e-mail only to complain. Cut the guys some slack by attaching photos detailing your problem. Some screenshots of your problems would be helpful. Worried about e-mail size? Upload it elsewhere and copy-‘n-paste the link in your e-mail.

3 Responses to “No More Fastnet Troubles”

  1. […] easy. The manual and config-wizard software helped much. Unfortunately for me, there were some problems with my connection, which made my installation a bit prolonged. Wait for my full review of the router in another post. […]

  2. hei bro, thanks for sharing, i try many times to share fastnet with my brother laptop, but it just won’t work…….

    my router is D-LINK Cable Router

    any suggestion?


  3. @ donal husni:
    Hmm. Let me get this straight: your PC is connected (either wirelessly or wired) a-okay to Fastnet but your brother’s laptop is not? If so, then it’s your router’s wireless access point function that’s a problem. Perhaps you can give me more details on this?

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