Decidedly mundane…

Indonesia’s Ahead of Other Asian Countries

Only in terms of movie release dates that is. I’ve observed this phenomenon for sometime now and it appears to me that most of the time Indonesia has the first glimpses of Hollywood movies. Check the release schedule for Hitman, for instance.

As you can see, Indonesia even got the same release date as the U.S., its country of origin. Anyone know why? I’m guessing that this is because of the small window of movie piracy in our country. That window is the amount of time between a flick’s first public release and its subsequent pirated version being available in the streets – oftentimes when they’re still showing in theatres. The bigshots in Hollywood figured if they can get as many people in coutries with small movie piracy windows into the theatres to see their movies, they’ll maximize their earnings before pirates start to gain profits from their bootlegged DVDs.

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