Decidedly mundane…

Ciater Spa Resort

For the two days of December 7th through 8th, my entire division went to Ciater Spa Resort for the annual outing program. The program was designed to allow informal communication between the top brass and the underlings – like yours truly – and, in theory, provides for a greater cohesion and understanding between ourselves. Enough with the corporate parlance, in truth it was just a regular outing event.

The trip to the resort took far longer than expected. All due to the belated departure, traffic jams at the toll road, and the heavy rain accompanying us nearly halfway through. We arrived into our designated rooms around 6.00pm a bit weary.

The usual company-required events went on next: discussions about our goals and challenges, management expectations, etc. Then the requisite singing ensued late into the night. There’s something new to this year’s event: I was forced to sing on stage with all my colleagues from my sub-division. The previous two years, I managed to excuse myself from it by waving my digital cameras and handycam around – I was assigned as the event photographer for three years in a row – and saying, “I have to take pictures! I have to document the event!” Alas, the gambit failed this time.

The next morning saw us all in a field, doing team-building activities. It was quite fun because – another new feature – this time we hired a professional team to organize the activities. The games were much more fun and exciting. Judging from the many injuries sustained, a lot of us got hyped too. My boss and a colleague had sprained ankles and some bruises but still it was a lot of fun.

The resort itself boasts itself as the resort with the most complete facilities. The claim is justified. They have ATV and motocross tracks, the longest flying fox line, golf driving range, artificial lakes, banana boats, rafting facilities, and – most importantly – pools which get their water from natural hot springs. Too bad we didn’t have much time trying out those. I only managed to try the flying fox line. For IDR 20,000, it was an episode that lasted too short – about 45 seconds. It was fun! Even my boss tried it out too.

At 1.00pm we’re back on our bus and headed to Jakarta. The return home wasn’t exactly a timely trip. It took an outrageous 4.5 hours thanks to a series of traffic jams along the way.

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