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Fastnet 384

I’ve written several posts previously about my Fastnet cable Internet connection, but haven’t really written a review on it. So, here goes.

Several years back, I subscribed to Kabelvision – FirstMedia‘s previous name – in order to bring broadband Internet into my home. Three months into my subscription, I cancelled it due to increase in monthly subscription fees and the fact that I was mostly away from home during the training courses when I joined The Company.

When I heard that FirstMedia relaunched its cable internet service as FastNet with the promise of speed up to 384K with unlimited access on a monthly subscription fee of IDR 99,000, I hesitated at first. Kabelvision’s previous offering were quite a disappointment. It was getting slower each day. At the point when I cancelled my subscription, my PSTN dial-up download speeds were faster than my touted cable-internet.

Then I heard several of my friends testified to Fastnet’s speedy service. It was back on my radar. I dusted off my trusty old Motorola SurfBoard 5100 cable-modem and tried to call FirstMedia’s call center. Perhaps spurred by its reputation, I found the call center unreachable. I was always greeted by the busy tone no matter what part of day I called. I found refuge through the subscription form on its website, through which I submitted my particulars.

The response from FirstMedia were also quite lethargic. About a week from my visit to the subscription form, one of their rep called me, telling me that one of their technical guys would come to my home to install the additional wiring for my Internet subscription. I was rather surprised because I had written clearly on the subscription form that they should contact me first because I had some questions. Anyway, I gladly arranged my schedule to match theirs.

The cable guy arrived to my home on the next Saturday. After dropping some sweat installing the additional coax cable on the roof and into my room, all is set. Too bad I didn’t include my cable modem’s MAC address when I filled my subscription form. All went smoothly but the MAC address registration part. The cable guy phoned in my MAC address but apparently their system needed some time before the new configuration is in effect. A few hours later the online LED on my cable modem turned on and I’m in surfing nirvana.

The service had a few hiccups for a while back then, but it was due to a network upgrade they were having. I’m pretty much having a trouble-free experience with the Internet. I was afraid that the service will degrade with time as with Kabelvision’s previous offering, but that hasn’t happened yet. The service is pretty fast – compared to my PSTN and CDMA dial-up experiences – for a home connection. On a typical day, I’m getting download speeds of 35 – 45 Kbps. Not bad, huh?

UPDATE: I have tested my speeds through internetfrog.com at Jan 1st, 2008. Here’s the screenshot of the result.


  • Relatively fast
  • No dial-up, no passwords
  • Cheap – considering the unlimited service
  • Unlimited service – hello Rapidshare!
  • Free installation fee (a small note worth mentioning: I already got their cable-TV service when I applied for the Internet service)


  • Lethargic call center – use e-mail instead
  • Investment cost for the cable-modem rather steep – Fastnet offers theirs at IDR 450,000
  • The service will probably be out during thunderstorms

I’m giving this service a 5 out of 5. I’m satisfied!

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