Decidedly mundane…

Arifin’s Blog

Remember my benevolent friend Arifin who helped my parents a lot when they’re in Japan last March? Guess what, he has had a nice blog since August! His blog is straightforward and very informational, a great resource for you guys trying to make it as students – under or post-grad – in Japan though, at this time, it’s available only in Bahasa Indonesia.

Glad to know about an outlet for news about you, Bro. Fare well on your theses and upcoming job!

P.S.: You’d probably won’t be calling me “friend” no more because of the above photo huh, Pin? *grin*

2 Responses to “Arifin’s Blog”

  1. wekss!! poto gue?! tidakkkk…. hehehe, cute juga gue yah? *huekss.

  2. @ arifin ritonga:
    Huehehehe. Pisss, Man! :P

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