Decidedly mundane…

Fifteen Months

Today marks Miss D and myself’s fifteenth luniversary – more on this term later on. It just came across my mind that I didn’t write posts for our 13th and 14th. My apologies, Dear. Nothing is intended nor should be inferred. I still love you the same. Thanks for being there all this time.

Now, for the luniversary thing. I’ve been searching for the right word and look at what alternatives my search brought up:

  • anniversary, the classic
  • month’s mind, a term used in medieval and later England
  • uncianniversary, as uncia means a twelfth part in Latin
  • lunaversary, derived from the neologism of anniversary
  • monthiversary, a blatant one
  • monthaversary, a twist of the previous one
  • mensiversary, as mensis is the Latin word for month
  • menseversary, also a twist of the previous one (all of the above from Google Answers, apparently I’m not the only one boggled by the curious thought)
  • my favorite, luniversary (from the Urban Dictionary)

But perhaps the main result of all of my research above is only the fact that I got too much time on my hands. I blame the extra-long holidays.

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