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My Father’s Doing Okay, Thank You

Just in case you’re wondering about my father’s health condition – you know, after the liver cancer stuff – nowadays, I can tell you that he’s doing fine. Very fine. He know goes to his office – his old office – daily, gained enough weight to match his pre-illness days, and is currently frequenting the city of Tarakan nearly once in every month for business purposes. So, the bottom line is: he’s doing very well, alhamdulillah.

Someone once told me that 50% of the number of persons with cancer actually survive their illness. I really hope that he’ll join their ranks, insyallah. Amen.

6 Responses to “My Father’s Doing Okay, Thank You”

  1. My friend’s wife had malignant melanoma – the worst form of skin cancer, that rapidly sends its seeds into the body. A scan revealed that the cancer had seeded in her liver – six metastases were visible on the scan.

    Apart from having the melanoma on her arm surgically removed, she had no conventional medical treatment. My friend, being an advanced nutritionist, sought advice on nutritional supplements that could help his wife. Then bought supplements for her to take every month.

    After six months she had another scan. There was no sign of any cancer anywhere in her body. The supplements had boosted her own immune system so it could kill the cancer for itself, the way it is designed to.

  2. @Trevor:
    Thank Goodness. Good for her. Please send my warmest regards for the family.

  3. Good to hear your dad is OK. He’s back in business already? No rest for the wicked hey?

  4. @ Rusdy:
    Yup. He’s currently busy with a project he left when he was still on active duty. Apparently, rest is not in his dictionary, but restless is. But I like it this way rather than having him wander listless at home without anything do. :)

  5. good to hera that,, insyaALLAH he’ll join the ranks!!!

  6. @ raddtuww tebbu:
    Amen to that!

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