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My First ebay Transaction

I’ve been eyeing Microsoft Mouse Wireless Presenter 8000 for about two months now. I first saw it in Sogo Pondok Indah Mall II, with a hefty price of IDR 1,500,000. Very well above my budget for a mouse and nearly twice Microsoft’s suggested retail price (USD 79.95).

One day I decided to froogle it and found out that it sells new from around USD 45. At first, I was interested in Dell’s offer, priced at that time at around USD 61, but I missed their promotion period and the price rose to around USD 73. A big no-no.

I remembered that I had registered with ebay and decided to look for the item. I found one sold at an auction. Being the n00b that I am, I bid and bid and bid obediently so I can stay on top of the bid table. USD 46,01 was my final bid when at the last possible moment someone swoop it out of my winning hands at USD 47,01. Dang! I was the victim of an auction sniping.

I learned my lesson and quickly googled for ways to do an auction sniping myself – giving those snipers a taste of their own medicine. I found myself another open auction on the mouse and bid. I went to bed afterward, seeing that the auction will still be open for another 7-odd hours.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to find out that the highest bid has risen to USD 61 (including S&H) and lost my appetite for it because the item for sale was a bit used. In a desperate attempt, I did another search on ebay and found one such item for sale – yes, for direct sale, not for auction – for just USD 51 (including S&H). Woohoo! I quickly swoop the item after checking the seller’s reputation, did my payment via Paypal as required by the seller, and smiled through this new year’s first morning.

Now, I’m waiting anxiously for two things to happen. You see, I had it shipped to my friend‘s address in the U.S. I asked if her his wife, who happened to be with him in the moment and will be back in Jakarta in late January, if she would bring the mouse here for me. So, I’ll be patiently waiting for the mouse to arrive at their address and then for the mouse to arrive in my hands.

5 Responses to “My First ebay Transaction”

  1. Tentu saja ada ‘tebusan’-nya kan Ga dan upeti buat ‘her wife’ (hihihihi…’my friend’ turn out to be a lesbian huh :P) supaya mousenya bs ‘arrive in your hands’ dgn selamat ;)

  2. Eniwei….mousenya keren abis Ga!
    Ada carrying casenya gituh!
    Hehe…maap ya kl ada lecet2 atau licin2.
    Jgn salahkan kami kl keasikan ‘nyoba’-nya :D

  3. @ Giggsy:
    Oops! My bad, Vit. Hehe. Upeti? Ada-lah. Tenang aja. Paling nggak traktir-traktir awal Januari kaya biasanya lah. Hehe.

    Mouse keren sudah barang tentu. Belajar dari pengalaman senter gw diketawain taun lalu, gw nggak rela mengulang kesalahan yang sama. Hehe. Cobain aja, Vit. The mouse is so advanced, it has a built-in odometer. No doubt, its mileage will go as a rebate for my aforementioned treat. :P

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