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Tips for Winning an ebay Auction

Perhaps I’m not one who should be handing out tips for this. To tell you the statistics, I only entered 3 auctions, of which I only won 1 of them, and I bought an item through ebay’s Buy It Now feature. Not much to brag about, huh?

Anyway, if you’re planning to participate in an ebay auction, here are few pointers:

  • You should use ebay countdown. This Flash-based applet – disclaimer: it’s still in beta – will essentially countdown the time to the end of the auction of your watched items. This eliminates the need to constantly refresh your browser window. The applet also supports the 1-click bid feature, handy for sniping those hard-to-find items. *wink-wink nudge-nudge*
  • Do business only with bona fide sellers. Do some background research beforehand to define your confidence level on the seller. Don’t hesitate to discuss the item, the item condition, payment methods, shipping, insurance, etc. Those things should be in the clear before any transaction are made.
  • Take note of the auction’s end time and come back around 10 minutes before that time. Study the bids and decide whether or not the price is within your limits. In fact, you should define your limits even before you decide to watch the item. This should help you avoid those adrenaline-fueled bids which will likely end in over-valuation.
  • Twelve seconds before the end-time, place your final bid. From my experience with ebay countdown, it took around 8 seconds to place a regular bid (as opposed to 1-click bids) so this should give ebay ample processing time but not enough for you competitors to overbid you.
  • Your bid should be slightly over the minimum bid and should not be a round number. For example, if the minimum bid is USD 15, you should put USD 15.14 to increase your chance of winning.

There you go. Good luck!

One Response to “Tips for Winning an ebay Auction”

  1. udh pernah pake http://www.esnipe.com blm? aku sering pake tuh..n sering dpt-nya..emg sih hrs byr small fee.. tp worth it-lah… krn dia ngebidnya detik2 menjelang abis (drpd mesti nungguin.. udh gitu ga dpt lagi..bete kan..). Kita tinggal masukin maximum price yg kita willing to pay… tp tetep kl menang kita cuma bayar slightly higher dari highest bidder (kl emg max price kita jauh diatas highest bidder). Sekali lagi… namanya auction kan untung2an… kl dpt syukur.. ga dpt ya ngebid lagi..he..he….

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