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Stupid Product: Hawaii Chair

Those geniuses from TV products world have come up with yet another way for us to part with our hard-earned money: The Hawaii Chair. Their tagline? If you can sit, you can get fit. Oh yeah! Taking the work from workout.

But seriously guys, have you ever tried working on one of these? Perhaps you can manage but your manager won’t be happy because it will suck productivity out from all your other colleagues by way of attention-grabbing.

The readers of the Consumerist post were even more hilarious.

That is so funny – I can just see me reaching for my coffee at the office, and spilling it all over me while I try to make it into my mouth.

I want this chair, but for ALL the wrong reasons.

That totally looks like they’re having some kind of weird sex.

I imagine that if you don’t keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, you could have a pretty rough ride on that chair. I’m thinking sort of a mechanical bull competition in the office.

I’m stuck imagining trying to have a serious conversation at work with someone sitting in one of these things. The scene involves a lot of akward pauses and glances.

waiting for the class action suit from victims with hemorrhoids aggravated by the Hawaii Chair.

We just got back from Hawaii and we saw no such chair. I think they may be fabricating its authenticity.

If you’re hungry for more, you can view other videos from a G4TV show about it and visit their website.

Stupid: The Hawaii Chair Freaks Us Out via Consumerist

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