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SGD 5.00-odd Worth of Phoenix Calling Card Value

Phoenix IDD Calling CardWhen I left Singapore last Monday (03/17), I failed to spent all SGD 10.00 worth of my Phoenix calling card. I called here and there back home but still had SGD 5.00-odd on the card.

So, if you want to call overseas from Singapore, you can use mine until all of its value is spent. Here are the instructions:

  1. Dial 6347 4488 or 1800 347 4488 from your mobile or landline phone. (Disclaimer: local call charges may apply)
  2. Select 1 for English or follow the instructions for any other languages.
  3. When asked for a PIN number, enter 8782 3087 8440 followed by #.
  4. Enter your destination number in the format of country code + area code + telephone no. and followed by #.

Oh, one more thing. The card expires on June 30th 2009. Hope this can help you!

UPDATE: A friend of mine told me that the value of the card has now been depleted. I’m sorry, guys!

4 Responses to “SGD 5.00-odd Worth of Phoenix Calling Card Value”

  1. Peng…krmn kebetulan g ke spore 3 harian….trus g inget kartu gratisan dari lo…hehehe. tapi setelah g coba kartunya sisa 40 cent dan bisa g pake selama 1 menit telpon ke indo.;….. hehehe. jadi bagi yang mau make kartu ini sepertinya pulsanya sudah habis….

  2. @ Gendut:
    Wah, jalan-jalan sama yang terkasih kah? Hehehe. Gitu ya, Ndut? Udah abis ya? Mangap ya. Kalo tau elo mo ke S’pore mestinya gw kasih aja langsung ke elo.

    Anyway, is there any pictures I can see?

  3. Pictures adeee…cuman blm ada yg online… Jalan2 terkasih yang satu itu.

  4. @ Gendut:
    Wualaaa. Mbok ya di-online-kan tho yaaa. Banyak yang gratis kok… :P

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