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Bubbling Ideas

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Every now and then, few things come across my mind. At times, they are just thoughts in passing, but some of them are actually – well, at least I think so – workable ideas. I’ll display some of them below under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

  • Smart traffic lights. The idea is simple: adjust the red light waiting time of each direction of an intersection according to how long the queue at each respective directions. A sensor – computer-vision enabled, perhaps – attached to a central computer should periodically calculate the appropriate waiting time.
  • Crowdsourced-traffic reports. Hate being stuck in traffic? With GPS or GPS-enabled devices proliferating and digital maps of our beloved J-town abound, what’s missing here is a live traffic report. How about a subscription-based traffic report service for our GPS device that relies on user-submitted traffic report service? Set-up an SMS gateway, web-portal, and call-center as a receiving end for all the reports. Seed the service with official traffic reports from the Dishub – Indonesian DMV – and Polantas – traffic police – traffic centers and come up with a trust points scheme (based on how many corroborated reports you give to the service), I think this will work.
  • Automated railroad crossing gates. Far too many accidents happen here in Indonesia at the railroad crossings. In most cases, it’s the driver’s fault – how hard can stopping be? But sometimes they happen because of negligence of the guard on duty and the fact that the crossing has no gates to begin with. I think the later reasons can be overcame with the use of automated gates. Sensors are put on the rails at a certain distance from the crossing. Based on their reading of the train’s speed and total length, the gates will automatically close accordingly.

4 Responses to “Bubbling Ideas”

  1. Smart traffic light -> a computer vision enabled might be too expensive for our corruption-ladden nation :) In most (all) developed countries, they use inductive sensors (buried under the asphalt) to detect cars (assuming they made out of metals :P). The system works, and already available worldwide. The length of time for red or green can be programmed dependent on length of queue or amount of traffic (counting how many cars per minute when they pass by). One catch though, road users HAVE TO drive within the prescribed lane, won’t work in Indonesia!!

    Crowdsourced traffic report -> That’s easy, just display a constant message “Traffic jam in ”

    Automated gate -> I thought they’re already are?

  2. Huehehe…. ide lo yg nomer 2 sama persis dengan yg ada di benak gue, Ga. Sekarang gue lg ngerjain proyek untuk kelas International Finance, dan itu yang akan gue ajukan.

    Berdasarkan itungan gue, proyeknya sangat feasible, dengan asumsi2 yg gue buat. Kl kita bisa meraih kira2 20-30% dari total kendaraan di Jakarta, dalam 3-4 taun kita bisa balik modal. Taun2 selanjutnya kita tinggal menikmati keuntungan dari subscription fee.

    Kuncinya adalah gimana caranya supaya bs menjual GPS devices yg sesuai dengan consumers’ budget. Gak perlu nyari untung banyak dari penjualan GPS karena sumber keuntungan terbesar justru dari subscription fee. Semakin banyak pelanggannya, semakin besar keuntungan.

    Sekalian nanya deh, Ga. Kl gue bisa jual GPS device yg bisa ngasih live traffic report, berapa harga yg lo mau bayar untuk GPS-nya? Dan berapa harga subscription fee yg menurut lo wajar? Gue pengen ngecek asumsi2 gue.

    Thanks ya! :) Btw, setelah jadi orang padang, jiwa bisnis lo langsung muncul gitu. Luar biasa!!!

  3. @ Rusdy:
    Smart traffic lights > Computer-vision is still that expensive? I thought prices for the technology has dropped in the recent years. The one I’m talking about is not that sophisticated, right? Considering the current trend of face recognition technology used at public places. Inductive sensors are good at capturing the traffic load at any given moment – given that the traffic is moving along, something that I don’t think will be feasible at a traffic light intersection where vehicles are expected to stop moving. You’re right though on the notion of Indonesian drivers driving on the prescribed lanes. ;)

    Crowdsourced traffic reports > Hehehe. You’re not doing Jakarta’s traffic justice there.

    Automated railroad crossing gates > Nope, my friend. They’re still manually operated – a person is still needed to raise or lower the mechanical gates, unfortunately.

    @ Wasir:
    Tapi ya, Wasir, dengan asumsi jumlah kendaraan pribadi mobil di Jakarta sekarang sekitar 2,7 juta (termasuk angkutan umum), target lo 20% itu kayanya terlalu optimis deh. Itu berarti elo harus menjaring pelanggan lebih dari 550 ribu kendaraan. That’s a lot, Man. Dengan nilai terbeli hardware GPS buat gue adalah sekitar 700 ribu dan harga langgan perbulannya sekitar 100-150 ribu, gw rasa elo lebih aman membuat asumsi sekitar 5% pangsa pasar dalam 2 tahun pertama.

    Perlu diingat juga, pasar utama produk model begitu lebih baik diarahkan pada the so-called “kaum eksekutif muda” usia 30-40 tahun. Mereka ini secara pendapatan sudah mulai mapan dan tidak gagap teknologi. Lebih baik lagi kalo selain kerja sama dengan DISHUB & Polantas, elo juga kerja sama dengan produsen mobil – à la kerjasama Microsoft SYNC dengan Ford – sebagai upaya bundling.

    Eits! Jangan salah! Gw bukan orang Padang biasa! Gw Rangkayo Mulia dari trah Chaniago, dengan tambahan fakta bahwa gw dulu orang Jawa yang lebih Padang dari orang Padang!! Hehehe.

  4. My second ideas, has been materialized here in Indonesia. It’s called Biolocate.

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