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A Newbie’s Take on the Married Life

Once, some of my friends predicted that I’ll be a successful person but stayed single because of the dire conditions of my love life. Thanks to my lovely wife, that prediction won’t ever be realized.

Two weeks after our wedding day, we moved to a small house near my parents’ home. A lot of people helped us move, my parents-in-law, my parents, and several others. My father-in-law borrowed us one of his office’ truck so we can move our things from Dhini’s home in Grogol and my parents’ home. Our new home has just two bedrooms, so it’s not exactly spacious, but it’s OK.

A week after that, we held a “syukuran” at our home. Our friends and relatives showed up. We said our prayers, thankful for our new home and had lunch together. You can see the photos of the event here and I think you’ll catch a glimpse of what our home look like.

A new home proved out not to be an easier life. Every morning we got up at 4:45am. I tidy up the bed, get the thrash out, turn off the outside lights, all the while my wife make our breakfast. We then prepare ourself and leave our home at exactly 5:30am. From there we drive to my parents’ home to pick my pop and we go to work together. The afternoon ritual is as meticulous. I leave my office at 4:30pm and go to my wife’s office just in time to catch the 5:15pm bus home. We normally arrive at our home around 6:00pm. By then, my wife will prepare our dinner while I sweep & mop the house. We finish all the house chores around 8.00pm, too tired to do anything else.

This whole ritual finally took its toll when my wife fell ill a week ago. Luckily, my mother finally got us a domestic help. A housemaid, if you will. After about a week staying at my mother’s home for a crash-course in domestic chores, she finally moved in with us three days ago.

Anyway, I learned a lot during our first month of marriage. I learned that my wife is a thougher person than I thought before. Alhamdulillah, God gave me a great woman for a wife.

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