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I should have wrote this ages ago, but guess what, I didn’t do so. The result? I can’t remember the details of my Manadoan adventure. *sigh*

On March 24th, 2008, two colleagues and myself went to the the capital of North Sulawesi province. We went there to gather audit evidences for an audit of The Company’s HR system. Our auditee was, of course, the HR Management Division back at the head office, but to further investigate whether or not there were system vulnerabilities, we must corroborate our findings against the source documents at the originating office. Hence, our travel to the city of Manado.

Our travel to the city was not exacly what I’d call convenient. We took the morning flight with a stopover at Makassar. The flight was somewhat bumpy as the weather wasn’t all clear. After the 1:30 hours flight, we took a stop at Makassar for about half an hour and continued the flight to Manado. After another hour of flight, the pilot said to us that Manado was being showered heavily. He planned to wait in circles above the city for a while to wait for the weather to clear. Alas, after making turns repeatedly for about 30 minutes, he decided to fly back to Makassar.

The clock showed 2:15pm when we arrived back at Makassar. We, at least I was, were starving. I only had a light breakfast that morning so I totally didn’t prepare for this kind of delayed lunch. My stomach growled along the flight back to Makassar. Lucky for me, Bangkit brought a chocolate bread and let me have a piece of it. Upon arrival at the terminal, we frantically search for food and got what we wanted at a corner cafeteria.

After about 45 minutes of waiting, we were allowed to re-board the aircraft and made another flight to Manado. The weather over the city was finally clear and we made a perfect landing at the Sam Ratulangi Airport. We got there at around 5:30pm, a huge difference from the scheduled 1:30pm. *sigh* The people from The Company’s regional office picked us up, dropped us at the hotel to let us freshen up and promised to pick us up back for dinner. The host was very friendly and the meal were the very delicious seafood dishes Manado is famous for.

Manado is such a small city. In my opinion, it resembles Semarang, the capital of Central Java, which has its share of both the seashore and mountainous region inside the city. Though small, it’s quite bustling with its shopping centers and malls. There were also many hotels being constructed, supposedly to prepare the city for its plan to hold next year’s World Ocean Conference. The relation is understandable, Manado is famous for its sprawling coral reef site, the Island of Bunaken.

The audit itself went smoothly. The local staff corroborated our findings and even provided us with more data to back them up. My audit program didn’t benefit much of the visit because mine was substantially related to the system and servers back at the head office. Instead, I helped the other guys with theirs. A task that includes one part of audit I detest: visual audit of documents. Aaargh!

On the last night, Ade, one of our IS auditor stationed in Manado took us out to dinner at Manado Town Square. We headed back to the hotel afterward to chit chat. After Ade excused himself, we turned to bed.

We had to rise early the next morning (03/28) to catch the earliest flight back to Jakarta. This time, the flight is direct. The flight was relatively calm and we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport around 11:00am.

You can take a look at some of pictures here. We didn’t take much pictures there, though. Sorry.

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