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The Best Seats Onboard Lion Air’s 737-900ERs

I’m betting that you’ve experienced the budget airline’s cramped seats. If you’ve made your observations like I do, the best – the most spacious – seats are the ones near the emergency windows. So, try to secure these seats on your next budget trip:

  • Row 19: B C D E.
  • Row 20: B C D E.
  • Row 21: A F.
  • Row 30: B C D E.
  • Row 31: A F.

UPDATE: As one of my commenters pointed out, these seats are in fact off-limit for women, the elderly, and children. Sorry.

6 Responses to “The Best Seats Onboard Lion Air’s 737-900ERs”

  1. Ahoi there my friend, looks like the married life has taken its toll to your blog :)

  2. I guess the seats near those windows are reserved for the invalids, senior people, and families with toddlers first. :)
    How’s life, lad?

  3. @ Rusdy:
    Nope. The married life hasn’t. The lack of an always-on, unlimited connection in my home has! *sigh*

    @ Koen:
    Life’s been good – if a bit monotonous – for me, Mr. W. Thanks. :)

  4. FYI, for international airline seating you may check this cool site:


  5. @ fitri:
    Thanks for the info.

  6. Nice blog.
    thanks for the info :)

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