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How to Get DownThemAll to Do Multi-threaded Download on a Proxied Internet Connection

DownThemAll – or dTA for short – is one of my favorite Firefox extension. It’s a download manager with a lot of useful features – batch and multi-threaded download are some of them. Alas, here in The Company, we got Internet connection behind a proxy and somehow the multi-threaded download feature just won’t work because dTA fails to get the filesize from our proxy server.

Perhaps this is merely a configuration problem on the proxy server, but it’s frustating nonetheless. Getting the sysadmin to tweak his configuration is surely out of the question.

Fear not, a friend of me – Dhani Novan – has came up with a workaround. But beware, this involves meddling with dTA’s inner sanctum, so backing-up all the files involved is strongly advised.

  1. Open dTA’s folder. It should be somewhere like C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile_name>\extensions\{DDC359D1-844A-42a7-9AA1-88A850A938A8}\chrome. Substitute the <user_name> part with your Windows username. The <profile_name> part should come easy if you only use one Firefox profile – there should be only one. If that’s not the case, you should choose the one profile you intend to use with dTA.
  2. Find the chrome.jar file and rename it to chrome.zip. Yes, the file is essentially a zipped file.
  3. Open the file manager.js under the path content\dta inside the chrome.zip file. Open it with any text-editor.
  4. Find the line that says http.setRequestHeader('Connection', 'close', false);.
  5. Insert this following new line under the above mentioned line: http.setRequestHeader('Accept-Encoding', '', false);.
  6. Save the file. Duh.
  7. Rename chrome.zip back to chrome.jar.

There, you should be in a proxied-download bliss right now.

DISCLAIMER: There’s no guarantee this will work in all environments and versions. I got this working with Firefox 3.0.1 and dTA 1.0.3 under Windows XP SP2.

6 Responses to “How to Get DownThemAll to Do Multi-threaded Download on a Proxied Internet Connection”

  1. thank you for your codes. it works !

  2. thnx dude..PLease help me in changing the No. threads in downthem all addon from max of 10 to 100 ..I mean how to edit the threads

  3. Thanx man, it works perfect on linux too.

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