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Strange Dreams

As a prelude to the story I’m about to tell next, I have to tell you that I have a – some might say annoying, but I beg to differ – habit of coming up with made-up word or song and repeatedly say or sing it for quite a while until something distracts me from it. I also have to tell you that my wife oftentimes has a dream during her nightsleep and has the ability to recant the story vividly as if it was a movie – personally, I never remember what I dreamt.

Well, my story started on a beautiful morning where I sat on my bed all tidy and set for work, waiting for my wife to finish her tidying up. All that while, I watched Spongebob Squarepants on the TV. At the end of the show, there’s this catchy hawaiian tune and I immediately found and onomatopoeia for it: dong-king-theow. And there I was, singing the newly minted word throughout that morning’s journey to our work. I noticed that my wife is a little bit annoyed with every second of it.

About 3 days from that day, my wife and I had a conversation in the car during our daily commute to work, in which she told me about her dream the previous night. She said that she probably got so annoyed at my singing dong-king-theow that morning so that the word made an appearance during her dream. She said that in her dream, she read a top 40 music hitlist on some newspaper and then showed me, “You see, Mas. I told you. It’s not ‘Dong-king-theow’! It’s ‘Dong-king-foos’! With an ‘s’ behind the ‘o’s!” Apparently, in her dream, Dong-king-theow is a song-title, and I got the title wrong. Right there, right then, I laughed so hard, I nearly cried. Fortunately, wy wife laughed along with me. I’m so amazed at how detail she can remember each one of her dreams.

And that, my friends, is one of the gazillion reasons why I love her very much. I luv u very much, Dear! Happy 6th luniversary!

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One Response to “Strange Dreams”

  1. I have another dream last night.

    In my dream, I saw you holding hand to someone with red outfit. She wore red top and black pants and you were walking together along hotel corridor and opened door for her to enter your booked room.

    Oh, I was shocked and quickly ran to you. I was so upset. I cried and asked the reason why you do that. You were calming me down.

    But then, before I got your answer, you already woke me up for our Subuh pray. And as I opened my eyes, I realize that this person (you) will not do that to me and will always love me as he loves me talking about my dreams.

    Happy 6th luniversary. I love you and will always be yours.

    Ms.D aka Mrs.A

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