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Jakarta’s License Plates

Quite a while ago, I questioned about the existence of a certain unusual license plates attached to some cars in Jakarta. Since then, I haven’t got a definitive – any, even – answers on it. Instead, I got another set of questions regarding Jakarta’s vehicle license plates.

This kind was the one which got me baffled. I’m still baffled. Baffled – such a lovely word, isn’t it?
The pioneer of three-letters suffixes to the Jakarta’s license plates are the motorbikes. These abundant – and oftentimes anarchic – vehicles virtually shot through the two-letters suffix supply.
There you go, the ominous sign of Jakartan traffic jams getting worse.
Can you tell me, what is the first letter of this license plate’s suffix? The number zero or the letter “O”?
Now, can you tell me what is the last letter of this license plate’s suffix? The letter “O” or the number zero?
Don’t get me started on this license plate’s bizarre color. CMIIW, but aren’t privately-owned cars should have the black-colored license plates? I don’t even know that silver is officially adopted.
But of course, none of the aforementioned license plates are as good as this one from the Jambi Province. Classic!

Source: Unknown

Now, if Ditlantas can’t find consistency in the way the produce their license plates, I think that kinda reflects on their users, right?

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